Patient Testimonials

February 2016- “Dr. Butler is always honest and blunt, which is how I like it. He is very professional and quick. He always has good advice. I will continue to see him for years!” -Anonymous, in-clinic review card

February 2016- “My visit today was a very pleasant one. Dr. Mellor’s assistant went above and beyond in explaining and making me feel comfortable. She took the time and was very professional. It is folks like this staff that I feel never get enough praise. Thank you for everything you have done!”- Anonymous, in-clinic review card

February 2016- “Dr. Baxter and his nurse Abbey are amazing! Abbey always calls me back and helps work out any problems I run into.   Dr. Baxter is great at listening (hard to find these days) and always figures out  my complex issues. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has great bedside manner! I’m so glad I found him at Tanner Clinic! Thank you!” –Anonymous, in-clinic review card

February 2016- “I would have to say all the doctors here at Tanner Clinic are great at what they do and all the nurses and help are great at their jobs too. I have not ever had a bad experience here. So with all of this being said, thank you all!” – Jory, in-clinic review card

February 2016- “Would just like to say how awesome Dr Leavitt is. We dealt with some very difficult things and he went way above and beyond. He truly cares about his patients. He made very hard things better.”- Michelle on Facebook 

February 2016- “Phil did my MRI today. It was a very painful MRI, and he stopped it to let me lift my legs. What a super awesome, kind hearted man! Thanks so much, Phil! – Leisa, in-clinic review card

February 2016- “Best OB/GYN in Layton! I have seen 5 different doctors and I can honestly say Dr. Miller is the best, he is great at surgery and very knowledgeable he made me feel comfortable and answered any questions I had.” Ashley on Google+

February 2016 –“I dropped by for an impromptu visit to see my regular pediatrician yesterday morning. as my son had broken out in a horrible rash the night before. Sadly, he was not available, but they got us in to see the Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Nicole Stapley. I was so happy with our experience! She was incredibly nice and knew her stuff! She took the time to look over my son very well before she jumped to a diagnosis, and then explained in detail what it was, how to handle it, and prescribed an ointment that would help us get through the weekend if his symptoms got worse! I had a wonderful experience with her, and if my doctor is not available again, I know who my back up will be! –I highly recommend her, and look forward to seeing her in the future.”- Amanda on Facebook

January 2016- “Dr.[Bryan]Richards cares about his patients. He has taken care of my wife for 10 years and goes above and beyond what many doctors would. We trust him completely and recommend him highly.”- Ben on Google+

January 2016- “Dr. Critt Aardema is nothing short of amazing! He truly cares about you and a genuine person. He caught my Crohn’s disease after every doctor missed it for 15 years! I would recommend him to anybody and seriously the best doctor I have ever encountered!”- Jeremy on Google+

January 2016-“Dr. [Trent] Richards is an excellent MD. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, and patient! Plus, I can see!!!”Anonymous on RateMDs, 

December 2015- “Dr.[Trent] Richards was on-time, professional, and knowledgeable. He took the time to ask questions and consider my history. He was the 4th doctor I saw regarding a chronic eye inflammation. The others diagnosed pink eye and recommended I stay away from people. After a year and a half of flare-ups and alternative treatments, Dr. Richards correctly diagnosed my condition. I am so appreciative and it was really simple. The doctor just needed to slow down, listen to my history, and think outside the doctor-box. Thanks Dr. Richards! I highly recommend him.”- Anonymous on RateMDs

December 2015- “I had the pleasure of meeting Jeanette from the south info desk when she was covering the east information desk on Friday. She is more than outstanding with her customer service skills. Unfortunately it has become a lost skill. How fortunate you are to have her on your staff.”- Patti, in-clinic review card

December 2015- “Very good with my Dad today. He is not always the easiest. Thanks!”-Anonymous, in-clinic review card

November 2015- “I live around the corner from your Roy facility and have been impressed every time I drive by. After changing my autistic son’s insurance to Molina I found out that I could bring him here. After talking to your staff and experiencing the relaxed atmosphere inside I am changing my whole family to this facility. Your staff has shown compassion and understanding- not treating us like a number. Thank you.” Kristin, in-clinic review card 

November 2015- “Dr. Mansfield is the kindest and most helpful doctor in Utah. We appreciate him and always know he will do the right thing for our family. He is totally a keeper!”- GayLynn and John, in-clinic review card

November 2015– “I want to let you know how amazing Dr. Flinders is. He really cares about me and my family. I appreciate that he doesn’t over schedule and he takes the time to understand my needs and my daughters needs. He is also so willing to explain why he may have to change my prescription and care.” –Shelly, in-clinic review card

October 2015– “I have been here and coming and I love it! Dr. Flinders and his MA are so amazing! They took such good care of me. Dr. Flinders MA took my blood and I am usually scared, but it didn’t even hurt! I will always come here! Michelle is very thorough! I love Tanner Clinic!- Anonymous, in-clinic review card

October 2015– “I was looking for a sleep medicine doctor for over a year before I decided to try at Tanner Clinic. I was able to get in quickly and everyone at the office is super nice. I feel like I finally found someone who is very knowledgeable and he really listened to my concerns. I play to stay with Brady Tucker as long as I can. Also, Anna, his assistant, is fantastic!” – Jessica, in-clinic review card

October 2015– “Dr Humphreys office, especially Cathy, has been nothing but excellent in their care and management of my case. If I ever there as been an issue anywhere within the Tanner Clinic Cathy has been an invaluable resource helping reschedule it. Don’t know what we’d do without her.”- Jerome, in-clinic review card

October 2015– “Dr Eberhard and his nurse Tiffany have always been fabulous in treating many of my kids. Everyone is so nice, friendly and helpful. Everything is always so clean and kid-friendly. I recommend them to everyone! Dr. Eberhard is one f the most positive people I know.” – Suzanne, in-clinic review card

October, 2015- “I feel so blessed to have been “referred” to Dr. Richards when I went to the Tanner Clinic Emergicare with a raging eye infection. He’s highly trained, extremely knowledgeable, and one of the kindest and most caring Dr’s. I’ve had the pleasure of being seen by. I had an overseas trip planned 3 days after I first saw him. He came to the office on a Saturday afternoon to see me and he even arranged with Moran Eye Center in SLC to get me special drops that no other pharmacy could compound the night before we were to leave. He even stayed in touch with me via email and texts while we were traveling. I have referred him to several family members and will continue to recommend him to anyone that I know that needs quality eye care. Just as an aside…I’ve NEVER had to wait more than about 2 minutes for any appointment! Often they call me into the room before I’ve even had the chance to choose a magazine and sit down!”- Diana on Google+

September, 2015– “Brittany [from sleep study] was kind, caring and thoughtful. She explained everything in detail.” – Larry, in-clinic review card 

September 2015- “I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for Dr. Benjamin Humphreys!!! I saw him just two days ago for a tension/migraine I have had since July 21st. I woke up this morning without the pressure behind my eyes and stabbing pains I was experiencing. He also has given my mom a lot of hope as she has dealt with four back surgeries. He cared enough to stay longer and get me started on treatment that has literally broken me free from turmoil. Thank you! Thank you!!!”- Lacey on Facebook

August, 2015 – “Jessica Evans is an outstanding professional. One of the best lab techs I’ve ever had draw blood!” – Gregory, in-clinic review card

August, 2015 – “Dr. Whittier is one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever seen! She has amazing bedside manner and is also very knowledgeable. I will be coming back for sure!” – Patient, in-clinic review card

August, 2015 – “Saw Nick, who is Dr. Coles’ PA. I though people should know that from what I see, Nick is a very caring and honest and you see that shine through. You can tell he loves his job. He is always smiling and laughing; that meant a lot for me, who is always in pain. He brightens my day.” – Mark, in-clinic review card

August, 2015 – “Dr. Richards was hands-down the best choice we could have made for my wife’s surgery. Throughout the process he was there to answer questions and resolve concerns no matter the hour of day. My wife called him several times, each time he answered and was able to help with the small things. Her recovery was quick, painless, and easy, and I believe that that was in large part due to the mindful care of Dr. Richards. I’m not one to write reviews, but good doctors and good people deserve recognition.” Alexander on Google+

July, 2015 – “This is a VERY good clinic! The doctors here are excellent as well as the nurses. I had a wonderful experience here!” – Patient, in-clinic review card

June 11, 2015 – “Just want you to know what a wonderful doctor you have in the person of Ryan Stewart. He has been my dad’s doctor for many years. Dad is suffering from dementia. We have had to place him in a skilled nursing facility. Dad fought every step of the way and was very very unhappy. He was threatening us kids. This is the ugly side of dementia. I called Dr. Stewart and he went to the nursing home right away and sat down with Dad. He convinced Dad that he needs to be in a skilled nursing facility setting. Dad has calmed down and has even started to make new friends. He has made up with us kids and is now living a much more enjoyable life for the time he has left. Dad turned 90 in April, and his mental and physical health are declining rapidly. I thank God every night for having Dr. Stewart in Dad’s life.” – Cathy on Facebook, June 13, 2015

June 2, 2015 – “All doctors and employees have been excellent throughout the years we’ve been coming to the Layton clinic. We REALLY appreciate the scrubs in imaging instead of the night gowns!” – Dave & Karen, in-clinic review card

May 21, 2015 – “Tuesday evening I experienced a severe allergic reaction – to what we unfortunately do not know. So grateful urgent care was available at Syracuse Tanner Clinic! Dr. Butler and his nurse on duty were so attentive and the care I received was excellent and most appreciated. Thank you, thank you!” – Linda on Facebook

April 28, 2015 – “I love tanner clinic and the doctors there. Dr Butler, Dr Hobbs, Dr Humpries, Dr Reynolds, Dr Sorenson, Dr Miller, Dr Summerfield, Dr Donigan to name a few. These men and women have helped our family for almost 10 years and we absolutely love them. My daughter has gone to ogden clinic for an urgent care situation and was not happy with the diagnosis. When told she needed to go back to get checked over again she said “No I’m going to Tanned clinic, I like them much better”. They found out that she had a broken foot where ogden clinic said it was just a pulled ligament. I love how tanner clinic takes care of me and my family.Thanks Tanner Clinic. We love you.” – Mandy on Facebook

April 27, 2015 – “I love how well my kids get treated at Tanner Clinic by everyone from our pediatrician to the receptionists.” – Jace on Facebook

April 27, 2015 – “We love Tanner clinic and all of their amazing doctors! They have literally saved more than one of our lives! We will be forever grateful! Thanks for all you guys do!” – Brittany on Facebook

Feb. 2015 – “Dr. Meek, I just want to express to you how thankful I am to have you as my OB/GYN! You obviously came highly recommended for a reason. Thank you for your kindness, patience, and of course your expertise in what you do. The robotic surgery went great! Recovery went well and I feel great! You are amazing!” – Ann on Google+

Feb. 2015 – “Dr. Biddulph came in early to squeeze our son into his schedule for a follow-up visit after starting a new medication. He has always been so compassionate and concerned for his patients overall well-being. He covered much more than just the medical issues and he helped our son learn to deal with and cope with life as a whole. He is a rock star doctor.” – Tiffany, in-clinic review card

Feb. 2015 – “Trish with Dr. Gee is amazing! She is very kind and knows how to react. I would definitely recommend her to everyone!” – Madison, in-clinic review card

Nov. 24, 2014 – “We had to cancel a appointment for our 6-year-old a while back, and he actually started crying because he loves going to his doctor at Tanner Clinic!” – Heather on Facebook

Nov. 24, 2014 – “My husband, five kids and myself love this place! We’ve seen many doctors and had a few surgeries all resulting in great experiences. I especially love how Dr. Eberhard and Dr. Morris treat my kids! I also love the nice and helpful staff in patient accounts. No better place than Tanner Clinic!” – Rachel on Facebook

Oct. 16, 2014 – “My family loves Tanner Clinic. Tanner Clinic is multispecialty so if your doctor wants you to see a specialist he just sends you down the hall. ‘Need an x-ray, MRI, CT scan? Don’t worry, go down the hall and then meet me back here to discuss the results.’ When my doctor is out or busy I can see another doctor with access to my records without filling out more forms or insurance information.” – David on Yelp

Oct. 3, 2014 – “Roger in radiology was super awesome. It was my first CT scan. He was so nice, put me at ease and made sure I was comfortable. He took great care of me.” – Laura, in-clinic review card

Oct. 1, 2014 – “Today I called your medical records department. I was very appreciative to get my medical records for an appointment with a doctor out of state. The appointment was last minute, so I didn’t have a lot of time. I talked to Courtney who was working alone that day and requested my extensive file. She got right on it, with kindness and promptness. Awesome work ethic.” – Christine, in-clinic review card

Sept. 28, 2014 – “I love Tanner Clinic and their doctors. The nursing staff is just great. I have been coming here for 25 years and hope to continue for a long time. Thanks for all the help and support you give.” – In-clinic review card

Aug. 14, 2014 – “Our family of eight has enjoyed the expertise and wonderful patient care that only the staff at Tanner Clinic can provide. We especially thank Dr. Johnson, Dr. Foote and Dr. Nye along with their awesome nurses for serving our family for the last 15 years! We will continue to recommend Tanner Clinic to anyone in need of outstanding care.” – Mark on Facebook

Aug. 14, 2014 – “We have been using Tanner Clinic for years. All the docs and nurses we’ve encountered are very professional and make you feel comfortable. Dr Bruce Burtenshaw was my doctor until I moved away. I moved back three years ago and I still use Tanner Clinic.” – Debbie on Facebook

Aug. 12, 2014 – “Tanner Clinic has rescued our family with head wounds, broken arms and Grandma’s old age.” – Liz on Facebook

Aug. 6, 2014 – “Tanner Clinic is such a great company with amazing providers and locations. Thanks to all who make this organization one of the best in Utah!” – Scott on Facebook

Aug. 1, 2014 – “So impressed with Tanner Clinic and the staff there. Doctors, nurses, technicians and all were so understanding, compassionate and easy to get along with. We had a little accident at the trampoline park and our 4-year-old broke her leg. Being from out of town we had no idea where to go, but thankfully Tanner Clinic understood and didn’t hesitate to take us in at the drop of a hat to give us the care we needed! So grateful! Recommend them to anyone!” – Erika, online comment form

July 16, 2014 – “Amazing, fast, professional service from the receptionists, nurses and Dr. Richards. Wow! You are absolutely the example to follow in medical care. Thank you for a pleasant experience during a stressful time.” – In-clinic review card

July 15, 2014 – “We are very impressed with the people and service here. We were nervous about moving from Tennessee to Utah and changing doctors. But we are extremely happy with Dr. Biddulph, who is obviously very brilliant and has terrific people skills. We are so pleased and are no longer worried.” – In-clinic review card

June 30, 2014 – “After a bad experience with a broken elbow, I was very impressed with all the staff that participated in my recovery. They answered my questions so I could understand. There were always smiles from when I started at the front desk to check-in. All nurses were so gentle and kind and had a smile. Dr. Donigan always had a smile and was gentle, and he made me feel like a person, not just some number on a chart.” – Kathryn, in-clinic review card

June 20, 2014 – “Just saw Dr. Mellor and nurse Sherri. I want to compliment Sherri on her pleasant demeanor, as well as Dr. Mellor for taking time with me.” – In-clinic review card

June 16, 2014 – “I love the way all my doctors are able to access records from all my tests, and they communicate between one another to give my family and I the best care.” – Teresa on Facebook

June 16, 2014 – “I love the friendliness of the staff, the array of doctors in every profession, but most of all the knowledge that I’m treated like family. I have been coming to Tanner Clinic for over 19 years and couldn’t fathom going to another clinic for my family’s medical needs.” – Jeanne on Facebook

June 16, 2014 – “We love Dr. Farley, Dr. Fillerup, Dr. Owen and Dr. Sumsion, and there are so many other wonderful doctors, nurses and support staff at Tanner Clinic. Tanner Clinic has amazing service on every level, and a great feeling every time you go. I recommend Tanner to everyone!” – Melissa on Facebook

June 4, 2014 – “Tanner Clinic is the best! This is the best, most expert care I have ever received. I love all the doctors in this clinic. They know their jobs very well. They listen to you as a person, not just a patient. All the staff is very nice and they go out of their way to work with you.” – In-clinic review card, posted on Facebook

May 22, 2014 – “Tanner Clinic is the best. This is the best, most expert care I have ever received. I love all the doctors in the clinic. They know their jobs very, very well. They listen to you as a person, not just as a patient. And all the staff is very nice and go out of their way to work with you.” – Patty, via in-clinic review card. Providers she lists are: Dr. Mark Baxter, Dr. Robert Taylor, Dr. Bob Svagr and Terry Van Wormer, PA-C.

May 2, 2014 – “This is the first time I have ever been to a doctor’s office and didn’t have to wait 30-60 minutes page my appointment time. Everyone was very friendly and efficient.” – In-clinic review card, posted on Facebook

April 22, 2014 – “Great doctors and speedy service. Tanner Clinic will fit you in to see your doctor on the same day. We love that! My children visit Tanner Clinic at least once a month between the three of them, especially my boy who has asthma. Just a minor cold would turn into walking pneumonia. We are going there again today.” – Yon on Facebook

April 15, 2014 – “Love Tanner Clinic! I’ve been going since I was 18. Wonderful doctors helped both my mom and grandma catch their cancer before it got too bad. Unfortunately, they were not strong enough to fight it. You gave us precious time to spend with them! Thank you.” – Lizzie on Facebook

April 17, 2014 – “I love Tanner Clinic, my one stop health care place. (It) meets most of my healthcare needs beautifully.” —Valorie on Facebook

April 17, 2014 – “The OB/GYN from Tanner that delivered my youngest daughter, delivered her first baby last year. Kinda cool! Thanks for making happy moms, Tanner!” — Laurie on Facebook

March 31, 2014 – “Tanner Clinic Kaysville is a professional, caring healthcare facility! I have finally found our family’s doctor since moving from the Northwest! Dr. Michael Yates is very helpful caring & knowledgeable!! I highly recommend setting up an appointment to see for yourself!” – Via Yelp

March 31, 2014 – “Thank you, Dr. Steven L. Johnson, for many years of quality care. You’re the best. And to Dr. Robert Taylor for taking care of me the last few years. Tanner has been my healthcare facility for 13 years now!” – Marie on Facebook

Feb. 14, 2014 – “I’m so grateful for Tanner Clinic! I’ve been with you just about a year now. It started with Dr. Ryan Stewart who found out I had melanoma which lead me to Dr. Checketts. I’ve also seen and love Dr Fillerup and Dr Flitton! BIG THANKS!” – Shelley on Facebook

Feb. 14, 2014 – “The best I’ve ever found! Dr. Stewart and his assistants are so patient and caring. They make me feel like a person, not a number. I’m 55 years old, so believe me when I say this is very rare with doctors and nurses nowadays. Oh, and let’s not forget the girls that check us in, the sweetest, always making you feel wanted never a bother. Thank You Tanner Clinic for always being there.” – Lorrie on Facebook

Feb. 13, 2014 – “Ten years ago when my doctor said he was dropping his patients I was devastated. How could I find another doctor who cared as much as he did and knew my situation and could help me as much as they did at McKay-Dee? My doctor referred me to Dr. Rachel Hobbs. This lady is amazing!! Now we see several different doctors at Tanner Clinic for several different things and they are awesome! I have had a few problems but they were worked out, and I wouldn’t trade Tanner Clinic in Layton for any other clinic!” – Windy on Facebook

Feb 11, 2014 – “After talking with a coworker and listening to her complain about her doctor, I was so thankful that I go to Tanner Clinic! I told her she needs to switch to receive the BEST care!” – Dennis on Facebook

Feb. 10, 2014 – “Love Tanner Clinic. Drs. Butler, Bishop, Fillerup (delivered three granddaughters) Sorenson (delivered three grandsons and one granddaughter), and ‘Chip’ Yates who has taken care of us for years! Sending some love!” – Sandy on Facebook

Feb. 10, 2014 – “Love Tanner Clinic! Everything good and bad, like babies and tonsils, all happen because of a doctor at Tanner Clinic!” – Julie on Facebook

Feb. 10, 2014 – “I can always count on Dr. Rice, Bryant Salmon and Dr. Todd Flitton to put me back together after a summer of races. Dr. Fillerup keeps the rest of me healthy, too!” – Melody on Facebook

Feb 10, 2014 – “My family visits Tanner Clinic at least every month, and now with a new addition to our growing family it will be more. We have nine different doctors that we see at Tanner Clinic. We love each and everyone.” – Gwen on Facebook