Food Allergy Treatment

Rocky Mountain Food Allergy Treatment Center at Tanner Clinic is proud to announce our innovative food allergy treatment program! We are one of a few medical facilities across the nation to provide this service to food-allergic individuals. Once an individual completes this treatment, they are able to eat the food they are allergic to without an allergic reaction in about six months.

Dr. Douglas H. Jones started this program almost 4 years ago.  Almost 400 patients have successfully completed this life-saving treatment.  Patients from over 5 countries and 20 states have consulted with Dr. Jones.  This treatment is called Oral Immunotherapy (OIT).  It is a calculated and methodical approach to effectively help a person tolerate previously life-threatening foods.  Once treated, the foods can usually be consumed without restriction.  This treatment has provided a greater sense of hope and freedom for so many patients and their families who have felt isolated and bound by their food allergies.   This program is not for food intolerances or celiac disease.  It is for life-threatening food allergies.

If you or a loved one has questions regarding this treatment please contact the clinic of Dr. Jones and the Rocky Mountain Food Allergy Treatment Center at Tanner Clinic at 801-773-4840.   Learn more at the website