Jason R. Fife, DO

Dr. Jason Fife is a family medicine physician because he enjoys “caring for whole families, mom and dad included.” For more than 10 years, the doctor has worked to increase and strengthen relationships with patients at his Tanner Clinic practice in Kaysville.

Dr. Fife, a native of Logan, initially studied physical therapy, receiving his B.S. in exercise science from Utah State University. Instead of physical therapy, however, he turned to medicine, attending Des Moines University Osteopathic Medical Center to fulfill his D.O. While there, he placed in the top quarter of his class.

He remained in Des Moines, Iowa, to complete the Mercy/Mayo Family Medical Center’s Family Medicine Residency Program.

Dr. Fife offers the entire spectrum of family medicine to patients of all ages. His special interests include pediatric medicine and, informed by his training in physical therapy, sports medicine.

Dr. Fife and his wife, Angela, are parents of two sons and three daughters. He enjoys all outdoor activities and playing with his children, including building fairy houses for his girls.

What patients are saying about Dr. Fife

“Dr. Fife is super awesome. He’s proactive, thorough, nice, patient and funny. I highly recommend him!” – Liz Elliot, Google, October 2017

“Dr. Fife and Amaris are exceptional with their care of patients. Everything on the visit was excellent. Thank you for going above and beyond!!” – Jackie S. February 1, 2016

“Word is spreading fast about Dr. Fife. My very old, naturalistic grandparents loved him and that is saying something. He really cares and I prefer him as my pediatrician! I don’t feel like my kids are better off with anyone else.” – Rachel on Facebook, Oct. 13, 2014

“Despite having to go to the doctor, it’s always a pleasure to see Dr. Fife. He’s a wonderful doctor as well as someone who really cares about integrity and is genuine with his patients.” – Jason on Facebook, Oct. 14, 2014

“We met Dr. Fife on a Saturday emergency. He was the on-call doctor that day. We have stayed with him ever since. We love Dr. Fife!”   —  Calvin on Facebook, Oct. 14, 2014

“Ifeel totally comfortable with Dr. Fife. He is personal, he takes plenty of time with me and my family. He is genuinely interested in what I am saying. You can tell he loves his job.”   —  Becky on Vitals.com, April 11, 2013

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Strains and Sprains Most Common Injuries in Youth Sports

When did youth sports become nearly a full-time job?

These days, it’s goodbye to the three-sport high school athlete. Instead, many young athletes now focus on a single sport — baseball or soccer, for example. Their time is taken with competition league games and out-of-state tournaments, and if they’re not playing they’re training.

This means Dr. Jason Fife, a family medicine doctor at Tanner Clinic Kaysville, finds he’s treating sports and overuse injuries all year round.

In fact, focusing on one sport may increase some injuries, he said, because the same muscles are always in play.

“We see a lot of overuse injuries with elbows, shoulders and knees,” he said. Children and adolescents with growing bones are especially susceptible to Osgood Schlatter syndrome, a common injury in sports that involve running, jumping and bending. Kids with this condition complain of swelling and pain in the knee, caused by the tendon pulling away slightly from the shinbone.

Despite the fuss, rest is best treatment

The treatment for most overuse injuries, including strains and sprains, is simple rest. Despite that, says Dr. Fife, “There’s always a rush in sports medicine to get the kids back playing.” Players, coaches and parents, he adds, are often reluctant to take proper time for healing. “They want shots or whatever you can give them to get the kids right back in the game.”

There is no completely safe sport, said Dr. Fife. Some sports, however, are more likely than others to produce overuse injuries, which are caused by stressing an area over and over again until it begins to hurt. For example:

SOCCER — Dr. Fife treats plenty of young soccer competitors for knee and ankle injuries, as well as muscle strains and ligament strains. Also common are overuse impairments such as Achilles tendonitis.

FOOTBALL — “Concussion are the big deal right now,” said Dr. Fife. The good news, he says, is that coaches and parents have become more careful. “We now know the damage that can be done to the brain, especially young brains,” he said.

Dr. Fife mentions a young patient who’d suffered a concussion the week before. “Her mom had been trying to get her out, to be more active,” he said. “She was doing exactly the wrong thing.”

WRESTLING — Wrestlers can no longer force dehydration to shed pounds. “Wrestlers have to be hydrated so they can’t shed weight like they used to in the past,” he said.

The most common injuries in wrestling are skin infections caused by bad bugs on the mats. MRSA, a staph bacteria that’s resistant to antibiotics, is spread by skin-to-skin contact. And the mats can hide germs that cause fungal infections and herpes.

BASEBALL — The team member most at risk is the pitcher, who can easily get elbow strain, said Dr. Fife. However, any player who throws too hard or too much without rest can be subject to overuse injuries.

FASTPITCH SOFTBALL — Overuse tendonitis is often the diagnosis for the shoulder and elbow pain these girls sustain.

TRACK — Track produces lots of shin splints, says Dr. Fife, as well as runner’s knee. He treats young athletes for plantar fasciitis, which is heel pain resulting from inflammation in the tissue in the base of the foot. Also common are IT band injuries. Iliotibial band friction syndrome is one of the common causes of knee pain.

Paintings Add Personalized Touch to Exam Rooms

The highlight of Dr. Jason Fife’s exam rooms in his Kaysville practice is the colorful and striking art work. The delightful images were painted by the family physician’s wife, Angela Bentley Fife.

Angela has received many awards for her portraits and nostalgic still lifes, including the merit award in 2013’s Honored Artists of Utah Show. She’s also had a solo exhibition at the Springville Museum of Art. To see more of Angela’s work, visit her blog.

— Tanner Clinic staff