Marilyn B. Wise, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

The halls of Tanner Clinic are not unfamiliar territories to Marilyn B. Wise, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC. Once a nurse at the clinic during earlier years, Wise returned to Tanner Clinic in 2017 as a nurse practitioner working alongside Dr. Laura Foot in the urology practice at the Layton clinic.

A Davis County native, Wise began her career as a nurse and gained valuable firsthand experience at local hospitals and medical clinics in Utah. She progressed for 20 years as a nurse until she decided to go back to school for her advanced practice degree. “Family nurse practitioner just felt right,” said Wise.

Wise gained her education in the Beehive State where she completed her Doctorate of Nursing Practice, her Master of Science in nursing and her Bachelor of Science in nursing at the University of Utah. Prior to her time as a Ute, Wise graduated with her Associate of Science in nursing at Weber State University.

As the nurse practitioner of Tanner Clinic’s urology specialty, Wise appreciates connecting with her patients. “I really do enjoy interacting with people,” said Wise. She also enjoys learning her patients’ life stories and medical concerns. Above all, Wise is dedicated to helping her patients feel better.

“Sometimes people live with things they think are normal or can’t be fixed,” said Wise. “But they can be fixed or treated.” Wise encourages those who are living with urologic complications to avoid further difficulties by coming in sooner rather than later.

Wise is excited to be in touch with her Davis County roots once again at Tanner Clinic. Outside of her practice, Wise enjoys spending time at home with her family.