Ryan K. Meacham, MD

Growing up in Layton, Dr. Ryan Meacham, an ear, nose and throat specialist at Tanner Clinic, always saw himself as a teacher or an educator of some kind. He was right.  It’s just his classrooms are the doctor’s office and the operating room.

“I found I really enjoyed studying science, and I realized that much of a doctor’s job is educating patients,” Meacham said. “You’ve got to teach people about treatment options and how to live as healthy as possible.”

Meacham earned his B.S. degree from Brigham Young University in physical education and his M.D. from The Ohio State University. He completed his residency at University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis.

Dr. Meacham became an ENT specialist because he liked the idea of seeing something different every day. “You get a good mix of the clinical and surgery,” he said. “And it’s a great variety—you treat a lot of different things.”

Meacham is the only Utah physician in private practice with fellowship training in Laryngology, which deals with disorders of the vocal apparatus.  Meacham completed the fellowship at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. The specialized training focuses on treating polyps and cysts of the vocal cords.  He also worked with a variety of singers, helping them deal with voice issues.

Meacham completed a surgical outreach mission in Kenya, where he provided treatment for patients with iodine deficiency goiters. He also completed a UNICEF internship in the Philippines, where he designed a health care curriculum for elementary-age children.

Dr. Meacham is married and has three children, ages six, four and two. He enjoys hiking, biking, soccer and basketball.


What Patients Say About Dr. Meacham

“Dr. Meacham really listened to all my concerns and was thorough with all my options. I would recommend him to any one and there kids. He is so easy to work with and so kind. Bed side manner was exceptional.” – Mercedes Jaramillo, Google, October 2017

“Dr. Meacham was amazing! His staff was also very friendly. I didn’t wait long to be taken back, nor was it long before Dr. Meacham came in. During the visit he was very informative and thorough with the exam. He explained exactly what he suspected her issue may be. So we were sent for imaging to confirm. She ended up needing surgery, as he had suspected, and he was able to get her on for the next day’s schedule. Which was perfect for her school schedule, and I truly appreciated the effort that went into that. They made sure to check to see if we needed an authorization through our insurance and called me to let me know the answer. Dr. Meacham came highly recommend and I can see why. It was nice to have all the information I needed to feel comfortable, and to be treated so well during all of this. We had no idea she would be surgical. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!!” – Amanda Reeder, Google, October 2017

“After months of seeing a Gastro Doc for difficulty swallowing and choking, with no diagnosis or resolution, I referred myself to Dr. Meacham at Tanner Clinic. I had never seen Dr Meacham before, but I am so glad he is the one I chose. At my first consult, he listened to everything I had to say. He didn’t rush me, and he seemed more than happy to answer all my questions. After listening to me tell him what tests had already been done by the Gastro Doc, he ordered an ultrasound of my neck and thyroid. He called me himself to explain the results and diagnosis, and gave a very good explanation in layman terms. I finally had my answers. I had a large nodule on my thyroid that was putting pressure on my esophagus, and in addition to that, it showed a rare abnormality in the way one of my main arteries is routed in my throat area, also putting pressure on the eshophagus. He performed a needle biopsy for me, to rule out cancer. It was benign. He gave me a thorough explanation of the pros and cons of removing the nodule and the half of my thyroid that was overtaken by this nodule. He did not put any pressure at all on me to have surgery, just gave me all the facts I needed to make the decision. He also let me know that because I had the other vascular issue with the way one of my main arteries was routed, it was possible I would still have some problems with swallowing after having the nodule removed. He also told me a Vascular Surgeon would be the appropriate Doctor to perform that surgery if I wanted to look into it. Before my surgery, Dr. Meacham also ordered a CT scan with contrast of the neck and then once again, HE was the one to call me himself with my results. This test showed an abnormality in the other side of my thyroid as well. He laughed with me and told me I was weird. By then, he knew I had a sense of humor. Only Dr. Meacham could tell you that you are weird and have you laughing your head off! Dr. Meacham did an excellent job of the surgery. I had the nodule and the effected half of my thyroid removed. My problems with swallowing were over. The results were immediate. Dr. Meacham is an excellent Doctor, and a very nice person with a great bedside manner. Very personable. I would recommend him to anyone! His office Staff is wonderful as well. I have left messages a few times, and they are so prompt to get back with you, and very pleasant in person and on the phone.” – Shirley Hilton, Google, September 2017

Selected Research
Laryngology Education

Dr. Meacham runs a website dedicated to educating the public on laryngology, or problems related to the larynx. You can visit that website here.