Sara Frazier, PA-C

Some people may think it’s a long way from a career as a math teacher to a career as a Physician’s Assistant. But for Tanner Clinic’s Sara Frazier, it was just part of the journey.

Sara is a certified physician’s assistant focusing on neurology. Sara sees patients under the direction of Dr. Robert Summerfield, a board-certified specialist in neurology.  She works out of the Layton location.

Sara graduated with honors from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas. Neurology was a subject that she was drawn to.

“I find Neurology to be a very interesting field and have family members who have been affected by neurologic diseases,” she said.

Sara had always planned on going into the medical field, but she took some time away from those pursuits to become an award-winning math teacher.

“I loved working with students, but continued to feel drawn to medicine. Being a PA has the people-focused aspect that I enjoyed about teaching with the addition of being able to diagnose and treat patients,” said Sara.

Sara, who has spent most of her time in Texas, is excited to make Utah her home and explore all that it has to offer. She and her husband enjoy spending time outdoors with hiking, skiing, and rock climbing. Sara is also an avid sports fan with her favorite teams being Chelsea FC, Houston Dynamo, the US National Soccer teams and the University of Kentucky.