Spine Surgery


What Is Spine Surgery?

A doctor who specializes in spine surgery treats diseases and injuries of the spine, also called backbone or vertebral column. They do this through surgical means, such as laser spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery and lumbar spine surgery.

What Do Spinal Surgeons Do?

Spinal surgeons are either orthopedic or neurosurgeon surgeons who specialize in the spine. They can perform both surgical and minimally invasive surgical procedures for various problems related to the back. This could include, but is not limited to, scoliosis, tumors, arthritis, or any trauma.

When Should I Go to a Spine Surgeon?

You should go to a spine surgeon after you have attempted prior treatments with your primary care doctor and they have proven ineffective. Because spine surgery, along with all other surgeries, involves risk it is best to seek out other less invasive options first. If there is no improvement your primary care physician will be able to refer you to a spine surgeon who will then assess your situation and set up treatment that will work best for you.

For many their insurance plans require referrals in order for them to see a specialist. Check with your insurance company to be sure of their policy before going to your specialist. This way you can be sure that your visit will be covered.