Douglas H. Jones, MD

Douglas H. Jones, MD, brings expertise in providing quality care for allergy, asthma and immunologic disorders to both pediatric and adult patients at Tanner Clinic. In 2008, Dr. Jones founded Rocky Mountain Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, (RMA), an internationally recognized treatment center known for its innovative food allergy treatment program involving a desensitization process called oral immunotherapy (OIT). Because of its success, patients are traveling from across the world to seek OIT from Dr. Jones. 

Dr. Jones is board certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. He attended the University of Utah where he received a bachelor’s degree in biology, and then earned his medical degree from Penn State University College of Medicine in 2003. Following medical school, Dr. Jones completed a residency program in internal medicine and sub-specialty training in allergy, asthma, and immunology at Creighton University Medical Center.

As a co-founder and current president of a non-profit organization, Food Allergy Support Team (FAST), Dr. Jones is an established leader in the treatment of food allergies. He also advocates for other rare diseases such as primary immunodeficiency disorders and hereditary angioedema.

Dr. Jones has received numerous awards, including: Who’s Who Top Doctors Honors Edition, Most Compassionate Doctor, Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) Allies Award Winner, America’s Top Physicians, and Patient’s Choice Award.

In his free time, Dr. Jones enjoys hanging out with his family and traveling. He also spends as much time as possible doing outdoor activities.

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What Patients Say About Dr. Jones

“Dr. Jones and the OIT program are amazing! Our family was told by a different allergist that my daughter’s peanut allergy was incurable and strict avoidance/isolation was the only option to avoid potentially life-threatening anaphylaxis. Dr. Jones and his staff are the most caring, compassionate, and empathetic medical professionals we have ever worked with. Now 2 years after completing the program, my daughter can eat anything and everything she wants to and we have our freedom!” – Stacey, Google, Dec. 2017

“Dr. Jones is the best doctor I have. I have seen numerous doctors over my life time trying to find a diagnosis for the pain and swelling that has haunted me every day for as long as I can remember. Dr. Jones, was the first doctor who was willing to spend the time to listen to me, run the proper tests, diagnosis me and find the proper treatment and medication I needed to get my life back. He is kind, respectful, and caring doctor. I owe him so much and am proud to call him my doctor.” – Angel, Google, November 2017

“Patients are traveling not only from other parts of Utah to receive treatment from Dr Jones but they are traveling from interstate and from many different countries around the world. I have travelled from Australia to live for a period of time with my 15 year old daughter who has multiple severe food allergies just so that she is able to receive this successful, specialized treatment. Dr Jones’ work is safe, individualized and life changing. We are very grateful to be under his care.” – V. Mansfield, Google, November 2017

“Dr. Jones has changed my child’s life! He is truly the BEST!” – CJ, Google, November 2017

“Where do I start? Dr. Jones is truly AMAZING! We moved to Utah from AZ so that he could treat our daughter for her peanut allergy. We ended up staying and completing OIT for cashews and hazelnuts in addition to peanuts. We have had freedom for over a year! Dr. Jones is not an ordinary doctor. He is patience and kind. He cares about his patients. He is knowledgeable and makes you feel safe. He checks on you and really cares.” – Tara, Google, November 2017

“Dr. Jones is the most compassionate, professional, well researched, thoughtful, caring, knowledgeable, holistic, physician & specialist that we have been fortunate enough to have our severe allergic child treated by (and we have travelled the world to find this combination). He has not stopped until he has truly been able to safely change our child’s quality of life. And he truly has given life back to us all.” – Simone, Google, November 2017

“My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Jones now for 3 years. In that time he has changed her life completely! He is so willing to investigate each concern and come up with a game plan to solve the problem. We have always felt like we were his top concern while in his office. Dr. Jones has always been so understanding and wiling to help during the most scary times. He is very knowledgeable in his field and is considered by many to be the Very Best that’s out there! I am so glad to have learned about the services he provides. Dr. Jones, his nurses and staff have been wonderful to work with. Thank you for all you have done!” – Sara, Google, November 2017

“Dr. Douglas H. Jones is on the cutting edge of both allergy science and patient care. He is one of the most knowledgeable and highly respected in his field. His approach is deductive, methodical and efficacious. He will spend as much time with a patient as is needed, answering questions and helping the patient understand what he believes the care plan going forward should be. He will even ask for patient feedback to include her in that care, creating a partnership in the resolution and healing process. I and my family have been patients of Dr. Jones now for many years and have always gotten excellent, insightful, compassionate care. Dr. Jones recently joined the Tanner Clinic and any move can be chaotic. This was many months ago so scheduling might have been difficult during that period but is now relatively open and available. If you can’t see Dr. Jones, you can be seen by his amazing and knowledgeable PA as well. If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of allergy care, Dr. Jones at the Tanner Clinic is THE place to go.” – Annie, Google, November 2017

“Saved our daughter’s life! It still feels like a miracle even years later that she could go from reacting to peanut dust in the air, to now eating them every day. We felt that her food allergies were a life sentence, and now she is living a much more normal life. We will forever be grateful to Dr. Jones! The staff is super great too, great with the kids and so nice.” – Emily Allen, Google, November 2017

“Dr. Jones and his team are amazing! Through their OIT program my daughter is free of food allergies. Dr. Jones is straightforward and friendly. He is knowledgeable, and willing to hear your concerns and answer your questions.” – Angela, Google, November 2017

“I have had a very good experience with their clinic. He was very careful in making sure my insurance covered the testing and did not push for more than necessary. The doctor was very polite and nice and seemed to know his stuff.” – Mary, Google, November 2017

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