Tanner Clinic has partnered with Truclinic to provide a new option for accessing convenient, quality urgent care from a Tanner Clinic provider, without needing to even step foot in a doctor’s office.

You can now use Tanner Telemed to video chat with a provider on your computer or mobile device for a variety of non-life-threatening urgent care conditions, such as those listed to the right.

A visit costs just $49, and most insurances and HSA/FSA accounts are accepted (when applicable, and are not required). If your condition can’t be treated online and an in-office visit is required, the $49 payment will be applied to a follow-up appointment.

Between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday – Friday, you can click here to check-in to the Tanner Telemed urgent care waiting room, or make a virtual appointment with one of our participating providers.

Tanner Telemed is for existing Tanner Clinic patients. If you have never been seen by a Tanner Clinic provider, please call our appointment line (801-773-4865) with your contact and insurance information first, before accessing the online system.


Dr. Adam Hutchinson

Dr. Brett Burtenshaw

Dr. Bryan Ellertson

Dr. Chuck Richardson

Dr. David Farnsworth

Dr. Jason Fife

Dr. Jason Hoagland

Dr. Kurt Flinders

Dr. Mac Thurston

Dr. Michael Yeates

Dr. Robert Taylor

Dr. Wyatt West

Davin Hansen, PA

Lindsay Florek, PA

Nicole Stapley, NP

Please note, Tanner Telemed cannot be used to receive narcotics or other medication refills.

Click here to access Tanner Telemed.