Dealing with Dry Eye by Dr. Trent Richards

One of the most common problems I see in my patients on a daily basis is dry eye. While it sounds like a simple diagnosis this issue can present itself in a variety of ways. The tear film on your eye not only keeps your eye lubricated and comfortable but it also plays a vital role in focusing light. If you have dry eye or a poor tear film it can seem like you are looking through a dirty or frosted windshield. Patients frequently come in with a complaint of blurry vision but aren’t convinced that their eyes are dry. When I talk to them about their poor tear film causing their vision issues they are hesitant to believe it, but when they start the dry eye regimen they come back to the office amazed at how much their vision has improved. 

Another common issue with my patients is red and scratchy eyes that burn and tear constantly. When you don’t have a good tear film the eyes become red and irritated and feel almost as if you must have sand in there. Your body will respond by trying to produce more tears to lubricate the eyes. The problem is that these tears are not a healthy tear so they don’t provide the proper lubrication.  I compare this process to chapped lips, if you lick your lips to moisturize them you actually end up making them dryer. When you have dry eye sometimes your tears don’t have the right composition to appropriately moisturize your eyes. When treating dry eye we aim to improve the composition of your natural tears so that they moisturize your eye and provide a better tear film, improving both comfort and vision. 

If you suffer from blurry vision or dry and scratchy eyes then we would be happy to evaluate you to see if something as simple as treating your dry eye could improve your vision.