Benjamin D. Christiansen, PsyD, LP

Dr. Benjamin Christiansen—known by his patients as “Dr. Ben”—leads Tanner Clinic’s neuropsychology department as the clinic’s first neuropsychologist in its history. Dr. Ben and his team are located in the basement of the Layton Tanner Clinic where they run their neuropsychology, brain injury and memory care clinics.

Dr. Ben grew up knowing he would one day be a doctor though he dreamed of attending culinary school. After completing his education and gaining versatile knowledge through a variety of experiences in the field, Dr. Ben earned his doctorate degree in clinical psychology and became a neuropsychologist.

Dr. Ben decided to become a neuropsychologist after realizing his patients’ conditions oftentimes stemmed from larger and unexplored factors. As Tanner Clinic’s neuropsychologist, Dr. Ben strives to understand everything about his patients’ experiences and help provide effective solutions. However, identifying the true root of a complication oftentimes leads to discovering more than what appears on the surface.

“When my team and I evaluate people, we don’t just evaluate them for their concern, we evaluate them for any potential underlying issue that could be causing that problem,” said Dr. Ben. “We will run them through a whole gamut of tests that vary based on not just their concerns, but also what we find.”

After getting the evaluation’s results, Dr. Ben then meets with his patient to educate him or her on the outcomes and what treatments can be provided to ensure optimal health. “My goal is for them to always be more informed about what’s going on than any medical professional can be,” Dr. Ben explained.

Dr. Ben’s genuine care and concern for each of his patients fills the room from wall to wall. His priorities are to improve his patients’ lives, to be there every step of the way for them and to lift their spirits along the journey.

“People don’t usually come to me because life is going well,” said the neuropsychologist. However, he believes “everything seems to work out” because he chooses to follow his number one rule: treat people, not treat symptoms.

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What Patients Say About Dr. Christiansen

“Dr. Ben is fantastic with my children! His staff is always excited to see them and treats them like family when we are there. I have found Dr. Ben’s brain evaluation so helpful with my one daughter that I ended up scheduling evaluations for my entire family! The results of this brain testing is like a road map to success for your kid! We cant say enough good about our experience here! Thank you Dr. Ben!” – Melissa Layton, Google, October 2017

“I have been taking my husband to see “Dr Ben” for the past year-and-a-half. We both “love” Dr Ben! We give him 5 stars on his mannerisms, his knowledge of the brain and ways to improve the problem, his personality, and his ability to test and pin-point exactly what is going on with the brain. He loves to talk about the brain, but he does it in a way that we “simple-minded” people can understand. We give a huge thank-you to Dr Ben for helping us through these difficult times.” – Janet Harward on Google, September 2017

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