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Tanner Clinic wants to make it easier and more convenient for you to communicate with your physician and manage your and your family’s medical records.

If you’d like to refill a prescription refill or obtain a copy of a medical record, NextMD’s online tool makes that so much easier. Plus, the secure online patient portal allows you more access to your Tanner Clinic provider.

NextMD is a secure, web-based portal to send emails to your physician for non-urgent medical questions and requests 24 hours a day. You can also set appointments. Here’s a few of the things you can do through NextMD:

  • Request or cancel appointments, and receive appointment reminders
  • Request prescription refills
  • Receive test results
  • Manage and update your family’s medical records from all participating physicians
  • Request copies of your “personal health record”
  • Obtain referrals to specialists
  • Obtain a doctor’s note for school or work
  • Access the Health Research Center, which offers an extensive array of health topics, interactive tools, and more
  • COMING SOON: Request and receive online forms and other documents
  • Send and receive messages to and from your provider’s office
  • COMING SOON: Complete and submit history forms prior to visit
  • Sign up with multiple physicians and specialties
  • Update account information

Remember, all communication with your provider is private and routed through his/her staff. And when you receive a response from your provider, you’ll receive an email alerting you.

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If not, get started now by clicking on the link below to send a request to Tanner Clinic. NOTE: You do not need to fill in the insurance information as that will be gathered when you visit the clinic.

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Patient Portal FAQ
  1. I’ve lost my enrollment token; can you tell me what it is?
    1. Staff at Tanner Clinic cannot give you your original code, but we can submit a new one for you.
  2. When I try to set up my NextMD for the first time, the site is telling me I have an invalid security code or email address.
    1. Contact Tanner Clinic. We may need to verify that the patient email is correctly entered into NextMD. If that’s the case, we will re-issue you a new security code.
  3. NextMD will not allow me to sign on for the first time although I have entered my email address and security code.
    1. Try resubmitting the information by scrolling to the bottom of the web page and hitting the “enroll now” button to set up your user id and password. If you still cannot log on, call Tanner Clinic’s Help Desk at (801) 773-4840, ext. 7500.
  4. I cannot see any results on my NextMD account. Can you tell me where I can find them?
    1. You will see what your Tanner Clinic physician has posted on the first screen when you sign in. If you do not see any results in the system, you can submit a request for them to be uploaded. To submit a request, click the “Compose Message” button on the welcome page’s left-side navigation bar and send a brief message.
  5. I need help signing in. Who can I talk to at Tanner Clinic?
    1. To contact a NextMD support representative, please call (801) 773-4840, ext. 7500, during clinic hours.
  6. If I update my demographic information on the NextMD website, will my chart be updated in the office?
    1. No, at this time you will need to call our office to update any demographic information.
  7. Can I access all of my children’s records on NextMD and manage them on my page?
    1. Yes, you can manage your whole family’s records from one page. Each child will have to enroll in NextMD. On your own NextMD welcome page, you’ll see a link to add dependents to your parent account.
  8. I see that I can request my “personal health record” on NextMD, but not my full medical record. How can I obtain that?
    1. While the “personal health record” is a summary of your health history (including allergies, prescriptions or chronic illnesses, for instance), your medical record includes all doctors’ notes about each visit to Tanner Clinic. Release of your more detailed medical records is a function of Tanner Clinic, not NextMD. Medical records can be obtained by filling out a request form here.
  9. I’ve enrolled in patient portal, but I can’t remember my password and user name. What can I do?
    1. On the patient portal login page, the login dialogue box includes a “lost password” link that allows you to enter a username or other information. After you answer a reset security question, NextMD will send you an email with a link to reset your password.